Monday, August 13, 2012

Books and Documentary on Michael Jackson being released popularly

It’s been more than 3 years Michael Jackson left this world and joins the lords in heaven. Still fans love for MJ is as much as was in the days of him doing shows and music albums. I am sure had him been alive and his comeback tour happened Michael Jackson must have recreated the magic of pop he did in 80s with people going crazy for his music and dance.

Even years after his death people are working on documentaries and writing book on him. Latest book on Michael is by Joe Vogel and title of the book is “Featuring Michael Jackson”.  Book is a collection of essays written by the author at various occasion and now all the essays come together in a book all clubbed together.  Author already had lots of critical success with his previous book on MJ titled “Joe Vogel”.  One important thing you can read is about misrepresentation of Michael’s race and problems faced with white media who at one point was extremely reluctant to recognize MJ like other celebrities.  One writing you can find interesting is about top 10 Jackson songs and another more interesting is about famous song “Dangerous” by MJ.  Read this book and you may think that why Michael Jackson who was a great artist, dancer, composer and human being was negatively criticized or was critics were biased to him because of his plastic surgeries, changing appearances, unorthodox lifestyle or pet chimp Bubbles.

Now lest discuss about the documentary Spike Lee is working on.  It’s not required to mention that documentary is on Michael Jackson but thing worth sharing is that the director Spike Lee was not only friend of MJ but worked with him as well. According to lee the documentary is about behind the screen or scenes stuff about Jackson. The documentary as about MJs album BAD and hard work by MJ, stuff Michael shot himself and demos he wrote for “BAD”.  Interestingly the documentary comes in the 25 anniversary of the album.

Now for a MJ fan it’s time to read the book or wait for the documentary release.

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